The Birth Certificate … Again

Sarah Palin was right when she called the president out on his Death Panels.

I think it’s funny how Mr. Obama decided to go to Hawaii for his vacation at a time the new Democrat governor has come out saying he was going to show the world a copy of the president’s birth certificate. The Obamas have spent two million dollars keeping the original copy of his birth certificate from being seen, why suddenly will he allow the governor to show a copy? What I find interesting the Hawaiian governor said he was friends with Obama’s mother and father. He even says he witnessed the birth, that is why he knew Obama was born in Hawaii.  How old was the governor?  19?

I’m here to tell you folks, if the truth comes out all hell will break loose in this country. The black population will think the white folks has done this evil to get back at Obama because of his color. They will not understand that we are not upset by his color, but his political destruction of our country.

The president’s Christmas message failed to mention the birth of Jesus Christ.  Okay I know December 25 is not Christ’s actual birth day.  I think he was born in September on St. Michael’s day. I don’t have time tonight to explain my reasons, but trust me I’m more right than wrong.  I can’t imagine a “Christian” leader omitting the name of Christ, the reason for the season. No doubt Obama is trying to show us he is shifting right and is a good Christian. I don’t buy that message. I heard him praise the Muslim faith and say we are no longer a Christian Nation.

One more thing, the difference between religion and Christianity. Religion is about rules,  rituals and regulations, Christianity is about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Case closed.

Folks, I still have the fire in my belly, but my time is so limited.  Love you guys, Will and Lex


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