Obama’s Too Busy

This is one of the greatest cartoons done in a long time. Thanks to a reader for sending it to me.

Our president is an amazing man. He is willing to extend his vacation when millions of people are depending on him to bring jobs back to America.  Even in the middle of his vacation he found time to phone the president of the Philadelphia Eagles to commend him for giving Michael Vick a second chance.  Let’s face it, the Eagles president didn’t give Vick a second chance out of the goodness of his heart. He gave him a second chance because Vick is the fastest Quarterback to ever play the game. He can also throw the ball 80 yards and hit a nickel. Let me tell you what I think of Michael Vick. I lump him in with child molesters. Some crimes are past being forgiven for.  If you read what Vick personally did to a lot of dogs you would want him to stay locked up for at least 50 years.  Giving him a second chance is like giving Charles Manson a second chance. But then again Manson can’t run a 4.2 40 yard dash.

Mr. Obama had time to make a phone call on behalf of a man who did horrendous crimes against dogs, but didn’t have time to phone the family of a fallen soldier. How rotten is that? The father even asked Mr. Obama to call his ex-wife, the mother of their son killed in Afghanistan. Even the Washington Senator, who did write a condolence letter got their son’s name wrong. Obama had time for Vick, but not the mother of a young man who was killed defending you and me.

As you know George Bush made a personal call to ALL the families of men who were killed under his watch. No wonder so many people are wanting Bush back in office. Every time you see a Philadelphia Eagle, think of Mr. Obama and his praises for the dog killer Vick.

We have everything moved. I love the location of our new home.  We can see 50 miles or more on a clear day.   Will and Lady Lex

PS:  I got a response from a Muslim trying to tell me they had never harmed anyone. The lists of murders and attempted murders of innocent Americans are too long to count. I guess the guy forgot 9-11 and Fort Hood.


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