Who’s Winning?

Jay from the frozen north wrote, “The Republicans have been in office 48 hours and the unemployment has dropped to 9.4%.”  He may have said it in tongue in cheek, but he is right. The Congressional attitude has made an amazing change in businesses’ attitudes about hiring people.  Businesses know the Republicans have their back and we now have a group in Congress who are going to stop the big government spending.  No administration has done more to destroy the economy than the current one.  I find it funny they are still trying to blame Bush.  I never knew George W. was such a powerful man. Even after he left office, he was able to double the spending in Washington. Even though the Democrats controlled the House, Senate and White House that darn Bush managed to slip in there at night and spend like a drunken Democrat. Nancy Pelosi said the Democrats lost the House because of Bush.  God Bless George W. Bush for defeating that bunch of liberals.  Too bad he was not able to do that when he was president. Have you ever heard anything so stupid?

You lefties need to realize that the Birth Certificate issue is not going away. In truth this thing is still growing. More and more people want to know if the president has one and if so what is so damaging on it that he can’t show the American people.  The Governor in Hawaii still has not brought out the long form. Why is that? He is the Governor and all he has to do is pick up the phone.  If he knew which hospital to call he should have one of his state police pick up the original and bring it to his office.  Why has that not happened?

Muslims continue to keep writing and telling me what great people you are. I’ll believe that when you start standing up against the radical Muslims who are killing us infidels. Isn’t infidel what you call all of us who are not Muslim? Save your time trying to tell me what good people you are.

I’m ready for it to get warm. This global warming is freezing me to death.  Will Cooper and Lady Lex


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