It’s Your Fault

One Democrat said, “Gabby reading the Constitution was what got her shot.”

I guess you do realize it’s your fault that Congresswoman Gabby Gifford was shot in Arizona.  Add in Glenn Beck, Savage, Levine, Sean, Rush and all the others who stand for liberty. Their hate speeches made that nut-job go buy a Glock with an extended clip, walk up and start shooting.  I know you have heard Rush, Glenn and all the other conservative radio people telling us to go get guns and start killing the Democrats. Even the true Blue Dog Democrats who voted against Pelosi as their leader.  I’m saying this with tongue in cheek.  Of course no one has advocated anyone start killing. Not even radical Alex Jones is wanting us to begin killing those who don’t agree with us. This just shows the stupidity of the left.

The left-wing sheriff of Tucson said it was Sharron Angle and Sarah Palin’s fault for the shooting. During the campaign Sharron said we might have to resort to the 2nd amendment.  She never suggested anyone shoot Harry Reid, who would have been the one she targeted.  If Angle could have eliminated Harry she would have been a Senator. Remember Sarah did have Gifford in the cross hairs in the campaign. She was targeted over Obama health care.  Now the Democrats are trying to ban ‘cross hairs’. I’m serious, there is a movement in Washington to make ‘cross hairs’ illegal.  How stupid is that?  They are doing all in their power to tie this nutty kid to the TEA Party.  Good luck!  This crazy kid is a lefty.  The killer’s favorite books are the one written by Hitler and the Communist Manifesto. His thinking on money is the same as the sovereignty group that says the dollar is no good because it’s not backed by gold.  There is nothing right-wing about that guy.  He has been stalking the Congresswoman since 2007.  There is no question the shooter is a lefty all the way. I know some of you will tell me he was a registered Independent. So what?  He was not a member of the TEA Party as some suggest.

It’s not the right that is filled with crazies. The idiot who flew the airplane into the IRS building was a lefty. The Uni-bomber was a lefty.  Lee Harvey was a Communist.  Jim Jones, a lefty Democrat, had a Congressman killed.  There are a lot of unstable minds on the left. If you are going to ban any thing, ban lefties from owning weapons. It’s not the right that rushed into the Jewish Museum and opened fire. That guy was a lefty. I know some of the left will point out McVeigh. Had they cared to listen Tim McVeigh told what caused him to bomb Oklahoma City. He said the government’s murder of citizens at Waco and the FBI killing Randy Weaver’s wife. He was getting back at the government who killed women and children. I don’t agree with what he did, but it was not some right-wing ideology. He was retaliating against the government for their prior actions.

Excuse my long rant.  I’m really upset seeing the left trying to spin this shooting into something generated from the right.

The left media knows they can’t stick this sick crime on the right wing, so they will go after gun control. You watch, they will use this insane act to go after our guns. You can clearly see the slant the media is going on this.  I refuse to use the guy’s name to give him that attention. Will


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