Twilight Rapist CAUGHT!!!

This is a picture of Billy Joe Harris, the Twilight Rapist.

I know several of you will remember the blogs I wrote on the Twilight Rapist.  Well, that scumbag has been caught.  You will never believe what he did for a living. He was a member of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  His name is Billy Joe Harris. He is  53 years old.  The Texas Rangers said they have a positive DNA match to Billy Joe Harris on 13 rapes of old women in small county towns. Let me remind you many of these beautiful, elderly women were between 70 and 91 years old. At a time in their life when they need peace they lived in fear of some big strong man breaking in and raping them. This is sick beyond words.

He is being held in jail without any possibility of making bail.  This guy is going to jail for the  rest of his life.

The first known attack by the Twilight Rapist was in the small town of Yoakum, Texas back in January 2009.  He hit small towns in like Marlin, Marquez, Seaton, Zabcikville, Centerville, Luling and Yoakum. Unless you are from Texas you won’t know these towns. The reason he was called the Twilight Rapist was because the attacks occurred just before dawn.  He targeted women who lived alone.  He used the information he found in the Criminal Justice Department data base to scout his victims.

On Saturday, Edna police officers Mike Yaws and Robert Chastian responded to a call for a Medical Emergency Alert activated by an elderly woman. You know those little gadgets you see advertised on television. When the police arrived they saw a man running from her house. After a short chase on foot Billy Joe was subdued and taken into custody on burglary charges. A DNA test was run and the next thing Billy Joe knew he was being taken away in chains by two Texas Rangers.

There is no way of knowing how many sweet, little old women this guy raped. He has worked in several locations in the southeastern part of Texas. The spokesman for the Texas Rangers said they fear he has been raping elderly women for years.  They feel no one came forward because they didn’t want their friends to know what had happened to them. That’s understandable. The victim is always made to look like they asked for it. Thank God, older ladies can sleep again and not be molested.  Will and Lady Lex

Ps. President Obama phoned Sheriff Dupnik and thanked him. This is after Dupnik blamed the shooting on Rush and Sarah.  Guess we now know where Mr. Obama stands. Like we didn’t already.


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