The Sheriff

Can you imagine this guy was elected Sheriff of Pima County?

The crime is this guy is Sheriff of Pima county, Arizona which has the highest crime rate in the state. A person is three times more likely to be killed in his county and seven times more likely to be raped.  This guy will not enforce the immigration bill passed by the State Congress and signed into law by the governor. Illegal Aliens use his county as a clear path into Arizona. We now know the shooter didn’t listen to talk radio nor pay any attention to political things. He has been making Gabby his target since 2007.  This was not a spur of the moment thing.

I’ve known several Texas Sheriffs and some Texas Rangers. None would act like this guy.  If he wants to know where the hate is coming from in his county, he needs to clean his mirror and look into it from time to time.

The Sheriff’s department let the shooter slip through the cracks. Now the Sheriff is trying to cover his butt. I suspect there will be a recall vote. I understand the Democrats of Pima county are not pleased with this guy.  Him trying to blame Sarah and Rush was such a reach that no reasonable Democrat can back him. Only the most radical left think he is right. By all accounts the shooter has never heard Sarah and didn’t listen to Rush.

I also find it amazing that the president is making a big deal of his going to speak at the memorial. When the Muslim killed a bunch of soldiers and wounded many more, Mr. Obama was nowhere to be found. George and Laura Bush slipped down to visit the wounded, without letting their pictures be taken for the press.  If the Fort Hood shooter had been an Appalachian American (aka red-neck, right-wing guy) the president would have been all over the news and in Killeen that afternoon posing for the cameras.

We need leadership at the top and down in the counties.  Look at Sheriff Joe in Phoenix. He doesn’t put up with this kind of stuff. Illegal Aliens know not to move to Sheriff Joe’s county.

Will and Lady Lex

To listen to Sarah Palin’s response about the Tucson shooting click here.


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