Have They No Shame???

I’ve never seen anything this crass at a Memorial. Just a typical Democrat move.

On the backs of the chairs at the Tucson Memorial were draped black tee-shirts with the words, Together WE Thrive.  Clearly a political statement.  Instead of going to console the hurting, the President of the United States went as if it were a political pep-rally.  Where was the compassion for the dead and wounded?  Obama, like always, made the Memorial all about him. And he wonders why his poll numbers are in the tank. The American People see through his insecurities and the fake compassion.

Can you imagine George W. Bush or even Bill Clinton having political black tee-shirts over the backs of the chairs?  I’m sure the families were not all that happy to see a campaign slogan draped over the backs of the chairs.  I don’t believe this is what Gabby would have wanted.  She is a modest person.  Obama’s people also gave out flyers, press passes with Together WE Thrive on them. You watch, this is his new Hope and Change. I remember Rham saying, “we can never let a crisis go to waste.”  I tip my Stetson to the Obama camp, they are taking full advantage of the pain and suffering of those who lost family members and those wounded. He went to Tuscon in his high top campaign shoes.  I’ll admit I didn’t think the Democrats would stoop this low. Shame on me. Once a Democrat, always a Democrat.

I played football, baseball and basketball in college. For two years I was the starting point guard. The thing last night reminded me of a basketball pep-rally. One season we were playing our arch rival for the conference championship. The student body placed red tee shirts with black letters, on the back of all the chairs. What they did last night has no place at a memorial, rather you see this at NBA games and sometimes in college and NFL football games. I’ve never seen this kind of self aggrandisement at a memorial. I thought we were at a Pow Pow with Indian rain dancers. The college president was laughing and cutting up in the audience until he was asked to speak. Then, like the Indian, it was all about him. Finally the President spoke and he was not going to let a mere Indian or University President out shine him.  He made this memorial all about him.

Class is something you either have or you don’t. A Memorial where families are hurting is not the place to launch your 2012 bid for a second term. He also spent about 30 minutes in the hospital for a photo-op.

Disgusted, Will and Lady Lex


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