Where are my Scissors?

Just catch Rush Limbaugh shooting a gun with his fingers. The left would go nuts. I guess it’s okay for the president to do this.

I’m furious.  Not long before I met Lex I was in Aransas Pass, down on the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a funky town with several neat little gadget stores. I found one selling wonderful scissors for $4 a pair.  I bought 20 pair. Half small and half the full-sized scissors. You can never find a pair of scissors when you need one.  I stuck a pair in every drawer and shelf I could find.  We moved up here and somewhere along the way my scissors escaped. What else could it be? Each room was carefully boxed and marked. When the movers got to the new place they knew what room to take the boxes. Do you think the scissors conspired and jumped out about Fort Stockton? That’s a dry area and they would never rust there.

This scissors thing is not a new problem. I had this thing happen when I only had two or three pair of scissors. Same thing happened to my fingernail clippers.

I’m angry about those scissors. They were really sharp, with big handles that fit my fingers. If I could remember the name of the little shop I’d call and order another twenty pair.

Will and Lady Lex (Who says she known nothing about my scissors!)

Note the gray hair on Wednesday and the black hair on Saturday.  He is getting ready to campaign. Can’t be old and gray and get the youth vote.


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