George Washington Rebuked

The MLK crowd covered up President George Washington’s statue.

I’m still having a difficult time in dealing with a Martin Luther King celebration snubbing President George Washington. They built a partition around the statue, blocked him out as if he never lived.  May I remind those folks, when Washington died he set his slaves free. This was something not being done in those days.  He put in his will that the young slaves would have their tuitions paid so they could go to college and he left pensions for all the old people. All ages were set free. Those that stayed and worked his plantation were paid going wages.

Without George Washington there would be no United States. Only his bravery and sacrifices saved us from an English victory. England had a much stronger military and they had a better trained army. Washington spent the freezing winters with his men where the ground was too cold to dig graves. Many had no shoes and wrapped burlap around their feet. Washington willed the victory.

When he was elected president the Congress wanted him to become King. He refused. When asked to serve a third term he refused. Washington was a man who read his bible every day and never missed church unless it was impossible to get to one. On one occasion he went to a Dutch reform church were he didn’t understand a word said.

Those folks should be ashamed of covering up the Father of our Nation.  His greatness stands feet taller than any other man who walked on American soil. This includes JFK, FDR, MLK and even my favorite, Ronald Reagan. Washington is America and without him we would be living under the Crown.

Them covering Washington’s bronze is the greatest insult they could make in America. This is as bad as Obama covering everything Christian when he spoke at Notre Dame.

Will and Lady Lex

This is the Atlanta Weather Report. You will laugh till you cry, I promise. Click Here


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