Glenn Beck Is Wrong

Who made Hu angry? Or did Hu make Him angry?

Today I was in the pickup truck  flipping through radio stations since all of them in Santa Fe are new to me.  I came across Glenn Beck talking about all the people who are his brother in God.  I thought I heard him say that Osama Bin Laden was his brother in God.  He got my attention as he went on to explain that all men are born of God the Father and therefore they are his brothers and sisters. He went on to say Bin Laden was his bad brother and he needed to correct him.

I beg to differ. Bin Laden is not my brother and neither are the guys who brought down the twin towers. My brothers and sisters are those who believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. They have a personal relationship with Christ our Lord.   Our relation with God is through the blood of His son Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our sins.  He died for our sins and that is the bond that makes us part of the body of Christ. To be my brother and sister you need to have been born again.  It’s not enough for you to say, “I believe in God.”  The Muslims believe in God, but they don’t put their trust in Jesus Christ who is the Son of the Heavenly Father. My brothers and sisters have surrendered their wills to a Living Savior and He is Jesus Christ.  No other God will do.

Some of you Beck fans need to set him straight. I know Beck is Mormon, but I don’t know if they believe all the human race are their brothers and sisters. I only know one Mormon and that is the ex-Dallas Cowboy Quarterback, Danny White.  We have never discussed his beliefs.

Beck needs to stick with history and leave theology to others. His own words tell me he is not a Christian, he sounded today like some sort of Deist. His argument is since all men are born of the Father then all are brothers and sisters. We believe only those washed in the blood of a Savior can claim to be brothers and sisters in Christ.  I welcome your challenges to my theology.  Will and Lady Lex


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