Obama is the Greatest President since FDR

The Greatest President Ever ???

I obviously don’t know much about politics. Vice President Biden said today that President Obama is the greatest president since FDR.  He is greater than Ronald Reagan, Better than John Kennedy, Better than Harry Truman, Better than Bill Clinton and easily MUCH Better than the two Bushes.  I didn’t realize that. In fact I had him 3 degrees under Jimmy Carter.  Mr. Obama pushed through an un-constitutional health care law. He got no Republican votes and only 51 in the Senate.  In the lame duck session he, Nancy and Harry shoved through several things not possible if he had waited till the new people were sworn in.  His START treaty is a joke. Russia has already said we can’t have missile shields.  The economy has gone in the tank since he took office and he has run up the debt to impossible levels. I guess if passing a bunch of bad laws makes a president, then Obama is the greatest ever.  Even greater than Millard Fillmore.

As I see it Mr. Obama is the first real Socialist to sit in the Oval Office.  We have had Progressives, but I know of none as radical as our current president. If that makes him great then I’m wrong and will write a long blog apologizing to the left.

One of my favorite liberals wrote me a long thoughtful message.  He mentioned Muslims buying my art. Never has happened and it ain’t going to happen.  Major art galleries say that they can’t sell art to Muslims.  Art is not in their DNA.  Few blacks purchase art. The thought is they grow up with no art on their walls. On the other hand Mexicans do love art, they grow up with paintings on their walls.  Art is cultural.  He also mentioned Muslim doctors. I understand many Muslims are great doctors. I always appreciate those who oppose what I say. Of course you all know I’m not going to change my mind.  Will and Lady Lex


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