They Can’t Say the Word

I find it amazing the American News Media cannot say a Muslim terrorist blew himself up at the Russian airport.  They describe where he is from and his age at between 31 and 33, but the keys freeze up when they try to type the words, he is a Muslim. If this guy had been a Christian that would have been front page news.  All the alphabet television stations would have blasted him and the rest of us who are Christian. I’ll see if Fox News has the guts to say the guy was a Muslim.

Some good news. Chicago Appeals Court ruled that Rahm Emmanuel is not a resident and therefore cannot be on the ballot. I think this is a real blow to the Obama campaign.  He was counting on Rahm helping him win Illinois.

Never mind Mr. Obama has moved to the Center.  He is bragging on Ronald Reagan.  Obama wants the people to think he is a Reagan clone.  It’s working.  The dumb in America can’t see through his facade.  Several polls have the president’s job approval at 50% or above.  Most of us see through the veil, knowing we have the same old spend and tax guy in office. But the gullible will believe he has moved right. Know this, he was born left and he will go to his grave a lefty. You cannot change a zebra’s stripes unless you dye some parts, like the president did with his hair.  Don’t believe what he is saying.  Look at what he does.  Will and Lady Lex.

Ps. We are getting closer to our World Cruise.


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