January 1961??? Is that Obama’s real birth date?

The president made a slip of the tongue that may have answered some perplexing questions.  In April 2009 Mr. Obama spoke in Trinidad and Tobago where he slobbered all over Ortega, Chavez and praised Castro.  In his speech he said he was born three months before the Bay of Pigs. That would mean he was born in January, 1961.  Obama has said his mother left Hawaii three weeks after he was born to move and enroll in school in Washington State.  Now it appears she had seven months before she moved, made the long flight and entered college. Not my words, but those of President Obama.

Maybe the governor needs to be checking  January 1961 instead of August. He might could find a birth certificate. The Hawaiian Governor has admitted none of the hospitals have a record of the president’s birth.  He said the proof is in the archives. I guess I need to tell him to look under January.

It’s like Mr. Obama saying his father heard John Kennedy speak and came over to the United States because of Selma. He said the great Jackie Robinson brought his father over along with 80 other Kenya students.  There are no records he was part of those Jackie brought over.  Selma happened five years after Obama Sr. came to the states. The problem is when you start expanding the truth, where do you stop? He tells the story of Jackie Robinson bringing his father over in his book. Perhaps Bill Ayers who wrote the two books got mixed up on dates.

The longer we wait the more contradictions surface. Lex and I have a movie rented for tonight. And by the way, the ONLY reason the Democrats want Republicans to sit with them is so the increased numbers of Republicans won’t show. If the Republicans are on one side the world would see how puny the Democrats are in numbers.  Will and Lady Lex


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