Governor Says, “There is no Birth Certificate!”

He can talk the talk, but can he walk the walk?

Ouch! I didn’t see this coming. Hawaiian Governor Abercrombie, Obama’s close friend said, “There is no long form birth certificate for him to locate.”  If you will recall the Governor said he was going to produce the birth certificate and shut the mouth of all those crazy birthers.  I will admit I might be a little crazy, but I have never been a full-fledged birther.  I don’t know what to think.  The latest news has me leaning more toward there is something not right in Dodge City.  I will also admit I can see no reasonable purpose for the president to hide his birth certificate.  Even his spending over $2 million to protect his school and birth records is a mystery to me.   But of course I’m a country boy with no big name school education. I’m country enough to want to see evidence.  I wouldn’t buy a pick up truck without a title.  Where I come from you can’t play Little League Baseball without a birth certificate.  I remember one year the scandal in the Little League World Series. A 15-year-old from Mexico used his cousin’s birth certificate to play.  Little League for those of you who don’t know is for 11 and 12-year-old kids. Finally a family member admitted the flame throwing 15-year-old was a fake. Makes you wonder how things will turn out for the president. Will a family member blow the lid off? Or will the president will show the nation the proof in 2012?

NEWS FLASH!  Suddenly tonight the Governor is taking back his previous statements about there being no long form birth certificate. It looks like he was taken to the woodshed.  It’s amazing how firm he was when he said there was no birth certificate.  Now it’s like he fears for his life while walking the statement back.  It’s up to you to believe which time he was telling the truth. He is a Democrat you know.

Will and Lady Lex

Ps  Jan thanks for the images of the Indians. I’ll use some if I ever get back on eBay. We are still moving in and getting set up. The boxes seem to have grown in number since we arrived.


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