Getting Outta Here!

We want to go to Corpus Christi Bay and see the giant White Pelicans.

As soon as Lex gets her bag packed we are heading out. Want to get to El Paso before bedtime.  The roads are pretty bad from our place to the Interstate. I think it’s 8 degrees.  The good thing is we are driving a 4 wheeler.  We are going to San Antonio to meet with my lawyer. One of the problems in selling now is taxes. We would only use about half of the money from the sale of the Santa Fe property on a new, smaller ranch. The Lawyer has to figure a way we can keep some of the leftover cash.  Lex and I want about 1,000 acres. We think we can handle that much property without hiring any help. Other than a lady to clean house and cook dinner. (Lunch for the liberals who read my blogs.)

We didn’t see this coming.  In fact we were pricing Longhorns when the real estate dude came to see us. What we didn’t know is the developer had been looking at this ranch for a year or longer. He had all kinds of maps and plots. They even have rough plans of the golf course. The mistake they made was not letting the guy we traded with know their intentions. They were shocked to learn of our trade.

I will not blog and can’t read any emails until we return.  It’s our intention to be gone until we find a new place down around Goliad or Beeville.  Lex has five places for us to go see. I just hope south Texas warms up before we get there.  Will and the Boss


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