We drove to Corpus Christi to escape the freezing weather and we ran into more snow down here.

The Democrats should abandon their party after what they have done to our energy problem. Poor New Mexico is freezing. I spoke with some friends in Tularosa (south-east part of the state) who have been without natural gas for two days and are not expecting any relief until maybe tomorrow. That’s not the worst. Taos got down to minus 49 degrees. They’ve had no natural gas for days and probably won’t get any until next week.  I know a gallery owner in Taos who told me she and her teen daughter got all their blankets and covers and went to bed before dark. They allowed their big German Shepherd to sleep on their feet. She said they almost froze to death.

You can thank ex-Democrat Governor Bill Richardson and Mr. Obama for their lack of natural gas. Bill put a freeze on drilling for natural gas in the state. Obama has made it where companies can’t drill all over the country with all the EPA regulations. It’s so bad T-Boone has pulled out of the natural gas business.

Imagine Dallas/Fort Worth having electrical brown-outs.  Where is the power from the thousands of windmills in west Texas?  One nuclear plant could easily supply electricity for the greater Dallas Metroplex.

I know some of you have been sending emails. I don’t have time to read anything on the computer.  We are going to stay down here till we find a ranch that meets our needs. If I can do this right, Lex and I will have a really nice nest egg. I think we have narrowed it down to three places.  Lex loves one place with a river running through the property.  She will probably get what she wants.  Good Night, Will and Lady Lex

Ps. For the survival of this country we must vote in a new president in 2012 and clean the Democrats out of the Senate. We have to elect people who are pro energy. We need nuclear power plants now.


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