Home Alone

Thomas Jefferson’s Desk. I wonder what he would say about Mr. Obama’s handling of Egypt?

I’m all alone. Lex’s mother slipped on the ice and broke her hip. Lex is staying with her mother while I nail down a contract on our new property. It’s too early to tell, but we think her mom will need a hip replacement. They are now living in Fort Worth and the weather has been horrible. The problem with that part of the country is the sun comes out during the day and melts the snow. Then at night the melted snow freezes making what is fondly called, “Black Ice”.  Lex will stay as long as her mom needs attention.

I read this afternoon, President Obama was watching the television when he learned of Mubarak stepping down. No wonder the world thinks we are incompetent. What world leader has to learn what’s going on by watching television. You can thank your president when the Muslim Brotherhood takes control of Egypt. Mr. Obama has handled this situation poorly.  Make no mistake, 84% of Egyptians favor Shari Law.  80% want to toss the Camp David accord and break friendship with Israel.  64% say they have positive feelings toward the Muslim Brotherhood. Only 16% say no to those radicals.  In truth Obama handled Egypt worse than Jimmy Carter did Iran.

Got stuff to do. Will


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