Scott Walker for President

Scott Walker came out swinging. Look out Mr. Obama or you will catch a quick right hook from Scott.

Isn’t it refreshing to see a politician standing behind what he promised when he was running. When the fighting got hot the Democrats did what they always do.  They ran. I remember a few years ago a bunch of Democrats from Texas ran up to Ardmore, Oklahoma to not vote on state re-districting. They were cowards then and these in WI are cowards now.

On top of that teachers are being given fake doctor slips so they have an excuse to stay out of school.  Liberal doctors are passing out slips like Santa does candy at Christmas. They are being paid to teach. Most of the WI teachers earn over $100,000 a year. If I were Scott Walker, I would fire all those with the fake doctor passes. The teachers are being stupid, in fact if they don’t pass Walker’s bill  12,000 will lose their jobs.

With respect Mr. President, take care of our budget and let the state’s handle their own. You have enough to do without getting involved in the mess in WI. Obama acted quicker to condemn Scott Walker than he did Mubarak.  Look what Obama is trying to do to Arizona. I get the feeling he hates state’s rights.

On a personal note. We found a new place. The deal has been made and I’m beginning to move back to Texas.  Money has changed hands and we ended up in pretty good shape. Lex is staying with her mom. I stopped by on my way to New Mexico. I sure miss that gurl.  Will


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