Cowardly Democrats

When the cowards in Texas ran up to Ardmore, Oklahoma the second time, Governor Rick Perry canceled their state credit cards and sent trucks to pick up the state cars they were driving.  Within one day they gave up using their own money and returned to work. Scott Walker needs to cut off funding for his running Democrats. Nothing gets a Democrat’s attention like spending his/her own money.

Some of you have asked about our new ranch. Lex’s and my new ranch is north/east of the old place about 50 miles.  We still have the rolling hills covered with live oaks. We have less mesquite trees on this place. The previous owner had them removed.  We have a running creek on the property. County records shows the creek has not gone dry since records have been kept. The ranch house is old, but we will make do until we can build.  The barns are well-kept and the place is surrounded in deer fence.  I have not counted but we do have an abundance of deer.  What I like best is we are no longer in the Mexican Drug Route.  Will and Lady Lex

Ps.  Lex’s mom will have her operation next week.

Why we can’t trust the Democrats.


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