Ohio is Next

Obama couldn’t saddle Reagan’s horse.  It’s a shame for Obama to call himself ‘the Gipper’.

The Union thugs are being bussed in from all over the country to protest in Madison, WI.  Pat, one of my trusted readers from NC sent me a letter from her friend who lives in Wisconsin. The letter painted an ugly picture of how the union people are trashing the Capital.  They are eating pizzas by the truck loads, smearing cheese and pizza sauce all over the floors and banisters.  Like when the Democrats marched on Washington they left a filthy mess.  The Wisconsin union thugs had pictures of Governor Scott Walker with a Hitler moustache.  Had this been the TEA Party people we would have been on national news.  Doctors are giving out fake sick notices to any who ask. This is illegal and those doctors should lose their licenses. Nothing will happen, because they are Democrats.

Ohio is next.  Obama is already rallying the Union Thugs to invade Ohio like they were sent in bus loads to Wisconsin.

May I remind the president with his own words.   We won, you lose.  Wisconsin and Ohio won and Obama loses. He sees what’s happening and realizes this is his Waterloo. He will not win in 2012. The people have spoken and they don’t want what he has to offer.

Our prayers are for Ohio and Wisconsin to hang tough. We need you to stand strong. We the People are behind you.

One note on the schools. Wisconsin 8th graders have 66% scoring, well below average. Only a tiny % qualify for the basics. These kids are being schooled by teachers who cut classes to protest against the Governor.  Their students are at the bottom of the nation. Their teachers are among the highest paid in the nation.  Teachers, go back to work and do your job. We are tired of your lying about being sick.  Thanks Pat, my time is short blogging.    Will


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