Qaddafi says Obama is Muslim

Obama called this man a friend.

Remember right after President Obama was elected.  Qaddafi (I’m not sure how to spell his name. I’ve seen it five different ways) said it’s wonderful to have a Kenyan Muslim Brother in the American White house.  He repeated this and similar statements several times. Do you think that is why so many American’s believe Obama is Muslim?  Or is it because Obama said the Islamic call to prayer in the evening is the most beautiful thing he has ever heard?  Is it because he had to say he was Muslim to attend school in Indonesia?  Look, I’m just a broken down Texas cowboy with a country education. We have a saying down here,” Where there is smoke there is fire.”

It was 9 days before Obama spoke out on Qaddafi. Then he never mentioned Qaddafi by name. As most of you know a lot of Obama’s campaign money came from Libya. Most of you have already forgotten the Chrysler deal with Fiat.  If you recall Mr. Obama shoved that deal through, telling Chrysler to take the deal or he would take their car company.  Do you remember that Qaddafi is a partner in Fiat?  Was Mr. Obama beholden to Qaddafi for helping him get elected.  The car deal makes more sense now than back then. Could this be why Obama has backed off clamping down on Libya?

Qaddafi wouldn’t allow our airplanes to land to get our people out. They were forced to take ferrys.  George Bush would have told Qaddafi, “I’m sending transport planes to evacuate our people. You get in the way or bring harm to my people then I’ll finish what Ronald Regan started. I’ll blow your butt into tiny pieces.”

Do any of you out there that believe Obama is not weaker than Jimmy Carter?  If there were any doubts this Qaddafi thing has proved beyond all doubt he is weaker than Millard Fillmore.


Ps I don’t get much time on the computer. My days are full arranging moving back. I need to go see Lex, but I don’t have time.  I appreciate all of you who read my blogs.


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