I’m going to Miss You Folks

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I find it’s impossible for me to stay up with the current news and blog.  My life has become extremely complicated.  There is so much that needs my attention at the new place.  I have several more things to move from New Mexico. I’m still trying to go up to Fort Worth a couple of times a week to be with my wife.  I feel horrible but I am going to stop blogging.  This is the last Will Cooper blog.  It has become stressful on me trying to find a moment to get on the computer.  Many emails I never get to read.  I still have to restock this new place with cattle and hire some help. I need a day stretcher.  I could use 48 hours each day.

It has been an honor to have you buy my paintings and another one for you to read my blogs.  I’ll even miss my liberal friends trying to prove me wrong.

I promised Lex we would go around the world. Once her mom can walk then we are leaving even if I have not stocked the ranch. My concern is Mr. Obama will lead us into a third World War and we may never get to take the trip.  He has handled Egypt and Libya as poorly as possible.  Jimmy Carter would never have been this bad.

May the love of Jesus Christ fill your hearts as you join me in praying for our great country.  You are the greatest people in the world.  Saying goodbye is very difficult, but I must face reality.  I can’t find the time to do it all.    Yours forever, Will


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