It’s All About Him

January 30, 2011

Muslims praying in the middle of New York City. If Egypt goes to the Muslim Brotherhood we can expect this scene to multiply.

When I heard the president say, “When I was in Cairo, I said this and I said that and I told them this and I told them that.” I almost lost my dinner (lunch to you liberals). Everything is always about him.  I have never seen anyone as self-centered. I guess he doesn’t have time to call Egypt because he is looking at himself in a mirror and saying how smart he is.  Get this straight, if the United States doesn’t step in Egypt will fall to the Muslim Brotherhood.  We have had six days of blood-shed and no end is in sight.  This is exactly what Iran wants. If the radical Muslims control Egypt and Iran they will crush Iraq when we pull out.

We can thank Jimmy Carter for his Camp David deal where he promised $2 Billion yearly to Egypt. $1.3 Billion going to the military. All Mr. Obama has to do is tell Egypt’s top General that the money stream has been dammed up and they will get no money unless they put down the radical Muslim Brotherhood.  What is Mr. Obama doing? I suspect when he is not playing golf  he is playing basketball. He will diddle around until it’s too late. This is a pattern for the Obama Administration. Keep these numbers in mind. Egypt has 80 million people and Iran has 75 million.  If Iran is successful in helping the Muslim Brotherhood take control of Egypt they will have 155 million people with radical leadership.  I fear Mr. Obama will do as he always has…vote present.

Then we have Joe Biden, who is loosing his hair plugs and thus part of his brains are spilling out.  He was stupid enough to say Egypt was not under a dictator.  Mubarak  has been in power 31 years and used his office to shut down the Internet and cell phone service in his country. If he was not a dictator he would not have that power. Please pray nothing happens to Mr. Obama, because we would be stuck with an old white man who is in the early stages of  MSS, Maximum Stupidity Syndrome.

Hillary said she is confident these blood riots in the streets of Egypt will led to a Democratic government. Last I saw 75 people have been killed an thousands injured. Make no mistake the people want their dictator kicked out, but we will probably get a Muslim Brotherhood leader in his place.  It ain’t pretty. We are absence of leadership to step in and calm this mess.

Last night Lex and I went into Santa Fe for “supper” at the Santa Cafe.  They have a piece of glass over an old hand dug well.  I panic every time I step on that glass to go to our table. The place is expensive and if you drop a bite of food on the floor it will burn a hole through the wood.

Will and Lady Lex


Reagan Obama, Yeah Right!

January 27, 2011

He can look but not in three lifetimes can he become a Reagan.

The left is now praising Ronald Reagan and saying he is Obama’s favorite president. They are calling Obama the second coming of Reagan. That’s like saying I’m the next coach Tom Landry.  Or I’m the second coming of Lance Armstrong. Mr. Obama cannot carry Reagan’s briefcase. Reagan had a profound love for America. He took every moment to praise our country and say what a great place we live. The leftist media is insulting Ronald Wilson Reagan by making the comparison. In truth Mr. Obama is more like Jimmy Carter than Reagan. Time Magazine is coming out with a cover of Reagan with his arm around Obama. Obama is closer to Hugo Chavez than Reagan. It’s stunts like this that makes us not trust the media.

The tragedy in Arizona where 19 people were shot, six of those killed included a 9-year-old girl and Federal Judge. Why is all the media focus on Giffords?  According to the press she is a Saint and only waiting for the Pope to dub her as such. The only reason she is getting 24-7 attention in the media is she is a Democrat. You hear nothing about the Federal Judge, because he was a Republican.  When Judge John Wood was killed in San Antonio by Woodie Harrelson’s father it was front page news for weeks. Wood was a Democrat.

What no one is saying is how dumb Giffords is. During Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ meeting with the House Armed Services Committee she asked General David Petraeus the following question, “General Petraeus, what are you doing to reduce the carbon emissions in the war on terror?”  Never mind we have young people dying daily fighting to save our freedom. Never mind Obama has spent our Nation into near bankruptcy. Never mind we had the biggest environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in the history of the world. Giffords is a perfect picture of what’s wrong with our Congress.

She took Petraeus to task for what she called, “Willful disregard of the environmental impact of our war effort. There’s no policy, no plan to minimize carbon emissions in our military activities. Bombs are dropped and bullets fired without considering the environmental impact.” Then she recommended, “the army put more emphasis on less environmentally damaging methods, like stabbing or clubbing the enemy forces in order to minimize the carbon output.”

No wonder a Democrat Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez is recommending Giffords be removed from the Armed Forces Committee.

I wish her health, but we have to vote her out next time.  We can’t have people like her dealing with our military. Will and Lady Lex

NEWS Flash.  10 states are working on laws demanding proof of birth.  134 electoral votes. Ouch!  That would be a stinger to not get on those ballots.

Governor Says, “There is no Birth Certificate!”

January 26, 2011

He can talk the talk, but can he walk the walk?

Ouch! I didn’t see this coming. Hawaiian Governor Abercrombie, Obama’s close friend said, “There is no long form birth certificate for him to locate.”  If you will recall the Governor said he was going to produce the birth certificate and shut the mouth of all those crazy birthers.  I will admit I might be a little crazy, but I have never been a full-fledged birther.  I don’t know what to think.  The latest news has me leaning more toward there is something not right in Dodge City.  I will also admit I can see no reasonable purpose for the president to hide his birth certificate.  Even his spending over $2 million to protect his school and birth records is a mystery to me.   But of course I’m a country boy with no big name school education. I’m country enough to want to see evidence.  I wouldn’t buy a pick up truck without a title.  Where I come from you can’t play Little League Baseball without a birth certificate.  I remember one year the scandal in the Little League World Series. A 15-year-old from Mexico used his cousin’s birth certificate to play.  Little League for those of you who don’t know is for 11 and 12-year-old kids. Finally a family member admitted the flame throwing 15-year-old was a fake. Makes you wonder how things will turn out for the president. Will a family member blow the lid off? Or will the president will show the nation the proof in 2012?

NEWS FLASH!  Suddenly tonight the Governor is taking back his previous statements about there being no long form birth certificate. It looks like he was taken to the woodshed.  It’s amazing how firm he was when he said there was no birth certificate.  Now it’s like he fears for his life while walking the statement back.  It’s up to you to believe which time he was telling the truth. He is a Democrat you know.

Will and Lady Lex

Ps  Jan thanks for the images of the Indians. I’ll use some if I ever get back on eBay. We are still moving in and getting set up. The boxes seem to have grown in number since we arrived.

January 1961??? Is that Obama’s real birth date?

January 25, 2011

The president made a slip of the tongue that may have answered some perplexing questions.  In April 2009 Mr. Obama spoke in Trinidad and Tobago where he slobbered all over Ortega, Chavez and praised Castro.  In his speech he said he was born three months before the Bay of Pigs. That would mean he was born in January, 1961.  Obama has said his mother left Hawaii three weeks after he was born to move and enroll in school in Washington State.  Now it appears she had seven months before she moved, made the long flight and entered college. Not my words, but those of President Obama.

Maybe the governor needs to be checking  January 1961 instead of August. He might could find a birth certificate. The Hawaiian Governor has admitted none of the hospitals have a record of the president’s birth.  He said the proof is in the archives. I guess I need to tell him to look under January.

It’s like Mr. Obama saying his father heard John Kennedy speak and came over to the United States because of Selma. He said the great Jackie Robinson brought his father over along with 80 other Kenya students.  There are no records he was part of those Jackie brought over.  Selma happened five years after Obama Sr. came to the states. The problem is when you start expanding the truth, where do you stop? He tells the story of Jackie Robinson bringing his father over in his book. Perhaps Bill Ayers who wrote the two books got mixed up on dates.

The longer we wait the more contradictions surface. Lex and I have a movie rented for tonight. And by the way, the ONLY reason the Democrats want Republicans to sit with them is so the increased numbers of Republicans won’t show. If the Republicans are on one side the world would see how puny the Democrats are in numbers.  Will and Lady Lex

They Can’t Say the Word

January 24, 2011

I find it amazing the American News Media cannot say a Muslim terrorist blew himself up at the Russian airport.  They describe where he is from and his age at between 31 and 33, but the keys freeze up when they try to type the words, he is a Muslim. If this guy had been a Christian that would have been front page news.  All the alphabet television stations would have blasted him and the rest of us who are Christian. I’ll see if Fox News has the guts to say the guy was a Muslim.

Some good news. Chicago Appeals Court ruled that Rahm Emmanuel is not a resident and therefore cannot be on the ballot. I think this is a real blow to the Obama campaign.  He was counting on Rahm helping him win Illinois.

Never mind Mr. Obama has moved to the Center.  He is bragging on Ronald Reagan.  Obama wants the people to think he is a Reagan clone.  It’s working.  The dumb in America can’t see through his facade.  Several polls have the president’s job approval at 50% or above.  Most of us see through the veil, knowing we have the same old spend and tax guy in office. But the gullible will believe he has moved right. Know this, he was born left and he will go to his grave a lefty. You cannot change a zebra’s stripes unless you dye some parts, like the president did with his hair.  Don’t believe what he is saying.  Look at what he does.  Will and Lady Lex.

Ps. We are getting closer to our World Cruise.


January 22, 2011

Harold emailed me, “Paradoxical thought of the day.”   He said,  “Fathom the odd hypocrisy that the government wants every citizen to prove that they are insured, but people don’t have to prove they are citizens.”

One thing I’m really proud of. President Obama got the Nov. 2 message of less spending. No, not really.  He is going to try to push through another Trillion Dollar stimulus package.  We thought the first one was for roads. Evidently not, but the new one will be to fix the roads, improve schools and fill the pockets of the Unions. I think he is dreaming, No Republican with half a brain will vote for another bailout. The TEA leaves I’m reading says, if California or Obama’s home state goes bankrupt the so be it. There will be no bailout.  Los Angeles is spending $600 million a year on illegal alien children. The Democrats have spent those two states into bankruptcy.

If you watch the State of the Union address, Mr. Obama is going to make his pitch for more spending. The guy is addicted to spending our money.  Paul Ryan will give the Republican’s rebuttal. Paul will say to the president, “Lots of Luck!”   I will not watch the speech. I’ve already heard several versions of what he is going to say.  I want no part. Will and Lady Lex

Obama is the Greatest President since FDR

January 21, 2011

The Greatest President Ever ???

I obviously don’t know much about politics. Vice President Biden said today that President Obama is the greatest president since FDR.  He is greater than Ronald Reagan, Better than John Kennedy, Better than Harry Truman, Better than Bill Clinton and easily MUCH Better than the two Bushes.  I didn’t realize that. In fact I had him 3 degrees under Jimmy Carter.  Mr. Obama pushed through an un-constitutional health care law. He got no Republican votes and only 51 in the Senate.  In the lame duck session he, Nancy and Harry shoved through several things not possible if he had waited till the new people were sworn in.  His START treaty is a joke. Russia has already said we can’t have missile shields.  The economy has gone in the tank since he took office and he has run up the debt to impossible levels. I guess if passing a bunch of bad laws makes a president, then Obama is the greatest ever.  Even greater than Millard Fillmore.

As I see it Mr. Obama is the first real Socialist to sit in the Oval Office.  We have had Progressives, but I know of none as radical as our current president. If that makes him great then I’m wrong and will write a long blog apologizing to the left.

One of my favorite liberals wrote me a long thoughtful message.  He mentioned Muslims buying my art. Never has happened and it ain’t going to happen.  Major art galleries say that they can’t sell art to Muslims.  Art is not in their DNA.  Few blacks purchase art. The thought is they grow up with no art on their walls. On the other hand Mexicans do love art, they grow up with paintings on their walls.  Art is cultural.  He also mentioned Muslim doctors. I understand many Muslims are great doctors. I always appreciate those who oppose what I say. Of course you all know I’m not going to change my mind.  Will and Lady Lex

Glenn Beck Is Wrong

January 20, 2011

Who made Hu angry? Or did Hu make Him angry?

Today I was in the pickup truck  flipping through radio stations since all of them in Santa Fe are new to me.  I came across Glenn Beck talking about all the people who are his brother in God.  I thought I heard him say that Osama Bin Laden was his brother in God.  He got my attention as he went on to explain that all men are born of God the Father and therefore they are his brothers and sisters. He went on to say Bin Laden was his bad brother and he needed to correct him.

I beg to differ. Bin Laden is not my brother and neither are the guys who brought down the twin towers. My brothers and sisters are those who believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. They have a personal relationship with Christ our Lord.   Our relation with God is through the blood of His son Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our sins.  He died for our sins and that is the bond that makes us part of the body of Christ. To be my brother and sister you need to have been born again.  It’s not enough for you to say, “I believe in God.”  The Muslims believe in God, but they don’t put their trust in Jesus Christ who is the Son of the Heavenly Father. My brothers and sisters have surrendered their wills to a Living Savior and He is Jesus Christ.  No other God will do.

Some of you Beck fans need to set him straight. I know Beck is Mormon, but I don’t know if they believe all the human race are their brothers and sisters. I only know one Mormon and that is the ex-Dallas Cowboy Quarterback, Danny White.  We have never discussed his beliefs.

Beck needs to stick with history and leave theology to others. His own words tell me he is not a Christian, he sounded today like some sort of Deist. His argument is since all men are born of the Father then all are brothers and sisters. We believe only those washed in the blood of a Savior can claim to be brothers and sisters in Christ.  I welcome your challenges to my theology.  Will and Lady Lex

Obama’s Birth Certificate Issue … Again

January 19, 2011

Look how skinny the president has become. It’s being said he has parasites picked up last year in Hawaii.

Remember a few weeks back Neil Abercrombie, the Governor of Hawaii, promised he was going to produce Mr. Obama’s long form birth certificate from the archives.  He wanted to put a stop to the ‘birthers’ and silence them. Today Governor Aercrombie admits that there may be no Hawaiian long form birth certificate for Mr. Obama.  Governor Abercrombie told the Honolulu Star Advertiser he was still searching within the Hawaii Department of Health to find definitive vital records that would prove Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii, because the continuing eligibility controversy could hurt the president’s chances of re-election in 2012. Not having a real, long form birth certificate would destroy his chances. Several states are passing bills that require he show proof of citizenship.  It’s no longer just Arizona. To date six more states have started the process. I predict if the president doesn’t come forward with a hospital issued, long form birth certificate he will be stopped by his own party. Then Hillary will be taken out of the mothballs and shoved to the front. Trust me, she would not require much pushing.

Near the end of the interview, the newspaper reporter asked Governor Abercrombie, “You stirred up quite a controversy with your comments regarding ‘birthers’ and your plan to release more information regarding President Barack Obama’s birth certificate. How’s that coming?”

In response the Governor acknowledged the birth certificate issue will have political implications for the next presidential election that we simply cannot have.  The Governor left the impression he was still intent on producing more birth records on Mr. Obama from the Hawaii Department of Health vital records vault. Abercrombie told the newspaper if there was record of the Obama birth in the state archives then he wants to make public.  I have one question.  He is the governor. In Texas, Rick Perry would tell one of his aids to go get it. What is the mystery that the Governor of the state can’t just send someone to the archives and sign out the documents?   Is it possible there are none to find?

Truthfully I don’t know if there is one in Hawaii. If there is then why is the governor having such problems finding the real deal?  Will and Lady Lex

George Washington Rebuked

January 18, 2011

The MLK crowd covered up President George Washington’s statue.

I’m still having a difficult time in dealing with a Martin Luther King celebration snubbing President George Washington. They built a partition around the statue, blocked him out as if he never lived.  May I remind those folks, when Washington died he set his slaves free. This was something not being done in those days.  He put in his will that the young slaves would have their tuitions paid so they could go to college and he left pensions for all the old people. All ages were set free. Those that stayed and worked his plantation were paid going wages.

Without George Washington there would be no United States. Only his bravery and sacrifices saved us from an English victory. England had a much stronger military and they had a better trained army. Washington spent the freezing winters with his men where the ground was too cold to dig graves. Many had no shoes and wrapped burlap around their feet. Washington willed the victory.

When he was elected president the Congress wanted him to become King. He refused. When asked to serve a third term he refused. Washington was a man who read his bible every day and never missed church unless it was impossible to get to one. On one occasion he went to a Dutch reform church were he didn’t understand a word said.

Those folks should be ashamed of covering up the Father of our Nation.  His greatness stands feet taller than any other man who walked on American soil. This includes JFK, FDR, MLK and even my favorite, Ronald Reagan. Washington is America and without him we would be living under the Crown.

Them covering Washington’s bronze is the greatest insult they could make in America. This is as bad as Obama covering everything Christian when he spoke at Notre Dame.

Will and Lady Lex

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