James Knox Polk

Queen Nancy Pelosi if she became President of the United States.

In 1844 we elected the eleventh president of the United States, James Knox Polk. He was named after a third uncle on his mother’s side, John Knox the famous Presbyterian preacher.  I mention Polk because he is the only person to serve as Speaker of the House and become president.  Newt could be the second should he win in November 2012.  I write this with trembling hands at the thought of something horrible happening to Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden. You do realize if they died in office, Nancy Pelosi would become president?  If you think Obama/Biden are messing things up, just wait and see what Queen Nancy would do.  I read an article in the Christian Science Monitor bragging about what a brilliant lady Nancy is.  I hope the magazine doesn’t have inside information on her becoming our Commander-in-Chief.

This should drive you to your knees in prayer for the safety of Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden. Pray for their safety.  I’m serious about this. Nancy will make them look like Boy Scout leaders.

Polk was an inconsequential president in history, but under his leadership America doubled in land mass.  It was Polk who sent General Taylor and his men to the Rio Grande near present day Brownsville to draw the Mexicans into a war. With the first scrimmage when a few Mexicans came north of the Rio Grande and shot eleven American soldiers, Polk shouted, “This is an act of war.”  You may not realize but Mexico never agreed that the Texas/Mexican border was the Rio Grande River, but they felt it was the Nueces River up by Corpus Christi. The Mexicans who came over felt they were on their native soil.  With the victory over Mexico in 1847 the United States picked up New Mexico, California, Arizona, Utah and part of Colorado.

Then Polk pushed the British to settle the Oregon Territory. The struggle over that area had been going on since 1818 and was at a stand still. Polk let Britain know he went to war with Mexico and was willing to do the same with Britain. They caved and agreed to his terms, giving the United States what is now Washington, Oregon, Idaho and parts of Wyoming and Montana.  Polk got a huge hunk of land by being firm.

Few realize the soft-spoken James Polk almost doubled the size on the United States land mass during his four years in office. Oh, by the way he promised to only serve one term. He kept his word, he went home to Tennessee after his four years were over. Where are the leaders like Polk now? Byrd served 50 years in the Senate and the Obama people are wanting to change the Constitution so he can be president forever.

By the way, unlike his mentor Andrew Jackson, who fought 13 duels, Polk never allowed anyone to provoke him into picking up a dueling pistol. Rare for men those days.  I just thought you could use a history lesson. (smile)

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